Fire and Iron Firefighters Motorcycle Club, Station 25 (Va.) is comprised of Fire and Rescue employees, dispatchers, support personnel, and sponsored members from Fire and Rescue Departments located in the Northern Virginia region and Washington, DC., though primarily centered in and around Prince William County, Va.

Our principal purpose remains to provide a means for members to ride and develop friendships in and around both the Fire and Rescue and motorcycle enthusiast communities.

Since our Station's charter in 2003, the club has participated in numerous fund raisers, toy runs, funeral support activities, F.D. and others' charitable events, and cross country road trips.  Our members have ridden to motorcycle rally events in Daytona, Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks, Laconia, Sturgis, and National Club rallies and events in Texas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the Carolinas, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.  Additional member excursions include Key West, Maine, Canada, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Great Lakes, Yellowstone, the west coast, and Rt.66.

As we continue to grow in number we have become a close knit club, bringing motorcycling brothers and sisters from the fire and rescue family together to share a common interest of camaraderie and the road.

We are a non-LEO, two-patch club (not flying an MC cube). The main club patch is representative of Fire Dept. symbolism emblazened upon motorcycle pistons, combined with a lower rocker that identifies the Station number (chapter) and general community location.  It is neither a territorial representation nor claim of any sort.  We share the road, with respect, to all other clubs and we expect the same in return.

Station 25 endorses safe riding programs to include the MSF Basic and Experienced Rider courses, and supports other motorcycle organizations and functions to include Patriot Guard Riders, ABATE, HOG, Toys for Tots, etc.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us or view the link to the Fire and Iron National Club web site on this page.

If you have any questions or require any public information not covered in either web site, please feel to email your inquiry to

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